Transportation Section
Our college provides transport facility to our students from College to Different areas and back covering all points from college to all areas.

Transport Committee
There is a Transport Committee with staff and students with 50 members observing transport facilities for students and maintaining discipline and anti-ragging in the buses. The Committee discusses the problems regarding transport facilities and takes disciplinary action if necessary.

Every year, Every College bus user has to pay the bus fee within the stipulated date and should collect the college bus Identity card from Mrs P. Sreedevi, Convener, Transport Committee, by submitting the original fee receipt along with the latest passport-size photo. They should carry the ID card all the time on the buses along with their college ID.

Instructions to the bus user :

  1. Cell phones are not allowed on the bus.
  2. Do not use cell phones / i-pods / musical instruments etc. on the bus.
  3. Discussions causing disturbance to others is strictly prohibited on the bus.
  4. Wear a student identity card and carry a bus pass at all times on the bus.
  5. Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  6. Users should board the bus at their respective Stop / Shift allotted to them only.
  7. Disciplinary action will be taken against those violating the above rules.
  8. In case of emergency contact – the Convener, Transport Committee.

Contact information :

Mrs. P. Sreedevi
Contact No: 7416835989
Convener, Transport Committee,
ESWAR College of Engineering, Kesanupalli,